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Imagine if every stick of cigarette a smoker gives up becomes food and more for Cancer patients and their families? It would mean the smoker is giving up cigarettes for a good cause – which is exactly how we got the idea for Give up for Good, while inching closer to a smoke-free Singapore.

How it works

1) Smokers donate any number of cigarettes freely.

2) The collected cigarettes will be counted at the end of 3rd December which is Give up for Good Day. The total number of cigarettes collected will have a street value (0.60 cents a stick).

3) Corporates will then match (or multiply) the street value of the collected cigarettes in food and household necessities for Cancer patients and their families.

Do good on 18th November 2017

If you smoke, look out for our friendly volunteers who will be collecting cigarettes at and around Bugis+ on Saturday, 18th November 2017. Donate what you can. The more cigarettes we collect, the better for Cancer patients and their families.

If you don’t smoke, encourage a friend or family member who does to donate any number of cigarettes sticks, you know, for good.

Total Cigarettes Collected


Who is helping
us do good

Who are the good people behind this

Give up for Good is not the usual government-led initiative. It is, in fact, the exact opposite and a ground up, joint initiative by homegrown creative agency Up & Up and Singapore Cancer Society.

Got a good question?

Email our do-gooders at or for more information about the programme and how you can donate/help Cancer patients and their families. Thank you in advance ☺

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